It is the same story everyday. He follows his owner to the gate, the owner bids him goodbye and closes the gate behind him. This Dog, stays in place looking at him go for a while, then all of sudden he starts barking, howling and running around the garden. He goes around in a big circle only to return to the gate, barks, and looks out to the road and waits.

I watch him through the window do this everyday in morning when I am getting ready to leave for work, while having my breakfast. Never ceases to surprise me how much of loyalty and love he has for his owner. So much of loyalty breaks my heart. I learn from him. A speechless animal knows how to love a human irrespective of the flaws, but we humans have forgotten it. The world would be so much better if we treated another human as a human first before throwing in the layers of judgement.

I once read somewhere a quotes on dogs: “Humans kill all dog if one bite him, A Dog trust a human over again if one of them harm him”.