First thing I realized after landing on the spongy bed was, “It’s usually we who stand in our own way!“. Winning is more a matter of choice and will than practice, training and genius. You either choose to win or the devil’s advocate in you convinces you to give up.

I have no clue, even today what had made me sign up for High Jump. Sure I was called the monkey by my mates usually, but jumping 5ft is not my cup of tea. Truth be told, when I looked at the beam (which I was supposed to jump over) placed 3.5ft high, I was wondering how can anyone jump over it. It was paralyzing me mentally. I was convinced that it was hard, it was impossible. Except something inside me said,”It’s ok to screw up. Go jump!” I took a step back, ran, gathered the momentum and with all my might launched into the air. Over the next fraction of a second, I was on the other side of the beam. I had made it. I had done what a while ago seemed impossible. I ended up jumping as high as 4 point something feet.

Amazing things happened when I was in mid air. While in flight. I had surrendered myself. My mind had stoppedĀ talking. I couldn’t hear anything. World around had paused. Eyes were open yet I could see nothing. I had surrendered myself to whatever that would happen.Ā Covered with a sense of peace,Ā contentment and stillness. A state, we all in modern world crave for. I never knew that side of me existed.

One things is clear though, I don’t know what brings happiness but contentment comes with Micro-Achievements. Daily small wins.