I was sitting in my chair. Looking at the noisy code on my screen. Scrolling up and down, I realised she’ll be gone. I did say I felt happy, but at the moment I felt so alone. All of sudden the fact that I wouldn’t be able to see her that often surrounded me with a sense of lonliness. I took my phone out scrolled up, looked at few of the pictures, smiled and put it back in. If you are wondering why I did not call? Well, I was out of balance. Nor was the wifi strong to attempt a VoIP call. So I left it there, I am supposed to meet her in evening anyways.¬†Talking about being out of balance, there is something about my life I don’t really understand. I have a job that pays me good, yet I am so bancrupt in the first week of the month.¬†Talking about running out of money, I need to also tell you that I am usually treated by her. More like the bills are usually paid by her.

She wanted me to see her and meet her sister yesterday. While everything was ok, the only problem was driving in traffic.¬†Since the motivation was good enough :D, I drove my bike for about two hours in traffic which¬†did not move at all. I broke my spine and my hip while driving through the shitty roads. Frequently changing the gears. It was pure agony! I started at 5 O’Clock¬†and reached at 7 O’Clock. While I was parking these two sisters came over from the other side of the road. She was excited while her sister was, may be wondering why I had put on a surgical mask. I said a “Hi” while simultaneously parking my bike¬†and¬†taking the “Surgical” mask off.

The story about surgical masks is that I cannot stand the exhaust gases in the traffic. I put on three layers of mask and they go black in a week! We are not aware of the quality of air we breath in. And trust me, its too bad! Anyways, I walked into McDonalds where were to sit and have something. I was super hungry.

Since we both were not alone this time it was me who had to pay. The golden rule is “When with ladies, Men have to pay”. Wanting to be a gentle man, I asked both of these guys what they would want to have while at the back of my head I was computing. I did not know for sure how much I had in my card and wallet. I assumed a figure of 700. A split of 400 in card and 300 in wallet. I was just hoping that the bill amount did not overflow. I did think for a moment that I should probably compromise on what I wanted to have. But given the fact that I was super hungry, I decided that I shall let go of being a gentle man and ask her to contribute (I know it’s rude :D, but I WAS HUNGRY!). Rule number 2 is “When you need help, ask for it!”.

Revisiting the fact that how odd it would be to ask her to pay, I took my phone out and logged into my net banking. My intention was to transfer money from one account to the card. Three discouraging things happened in a row while I was in the que to place the order. McDonalds has a stupid wifi connection. You need to login into their wifi. I wanted to use my data connection but the McDonalds wifi seems to show pop up. I lost time there, there were two more people in front of me. I was loosing time. I hope you understand that I was trying to transfer the mount before I placed my order, so that I could save myself from the awkward moment of the guy on counter saying, “Sir, your card doesn’t seem to have enough balance”. Well the next two attempts where made on my cellular data connection and as my luck would have it, the transaction failed both the time. While I was preparing to let go off the gentle man image she came along.

“You have the amount with you?”, She asked smiling and looking into my phone screen that should a red ‘transaction failed’ message. Its so sweet of her, she somehow always gets it when I am going to get into trouble. And of course cooks up some way to save me. Every single time! I am that lucky basterd who has an amazing friend. Then she told me how much she liked me. Truth be told, I felt good. I felt special. I started to miss her already. Reality dwaned on me, she’d be gone in a day. I need to deal with it, I would not be able to see her too often for few months to come. I smiled and replied while simultaneously placing the order, “I know how much you like me”. She smiled while the guy on counter said, “Sir, its 345”. An..d boy I lit up! I gave him a proud grin and handed my card. Gentle man was saved!

In the next hour that follwed I chewed through my burger and french fries while enjoying a talk with her sister. Wonderful lady I must say. 8 ¬†O’Clock and it was time to take leave. I thought to myself this was probably our last little moment, the next one is not known at least to me. It shall happen though, but when and how far into the timeline remains unknown. While I sat on my bike putting on my surgical mask, she did mention that her sister did wonder why I had put on the mask while she first saw me. The way she put it was, ” She said, why has he put on the mask as if he is has come straight out of the Operation Theatre!”. We laughed. When I think of it, If I was a doctor, I would most likely walked out of the Operation Theatre with the mask on (It would be wickedly cool!).

In anycase, now I am sitting in my chair and typing down this note because the moment was so special to me. And as for the journey that she is going to take, I wish all the success in the world to her. And even though she’ll be out of site for days to come, she won’t be out of mind. When she gets back (which I hope shall happen soon) she shall have a friend waiting for her. May be the first things we’ll do is go and have a burger….

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