24 Caret – Pure Fun!

I’ve been lucky when it comes to having amazing friends. Each one is precious to me and when times went rough, they were around. If not physically then for sure a phone call away. Encouraged me and pushed me. Believed in me when I had no faith in my capabilities. Sai and Rachit are special.

When I tell people I lived with two friends for four years in a rented apartment during my graduation and had pure simple fun. “You must have had booze parties? Smoke? Hookah? Weed?”  they ask. “Nope!“, I reply and People look at me in disbelief. People having fun in simple pleasure is sort of a rare find these days. May be they find it hard to believe that some people don’t need smoke and alcohol to go high and blow away a part of life having fun. See, life was filled with laughter 24×7 and we cracked jokes on everything that crossed our mind. We believed in our heart that we were idiots but smart simultaneously. Life was always about simple pleasures and big dreams.

Four years of graduation was a bliss, thanks to Rachit and Sai. How we met and got together into one grand apartment is a totally different story. We lived in peace, did lot of crap things, learned a lot about life and saw each other grow. None of this would have happened if they were different people. Both of them had/have a dream. And some how that gave/gives them all the power and courage needed to be good and focused. And occasionally mess up for good.

Sai wanted to be an Entrepreneur and Rachit wanted/wants to own a Lamborghini. But that’s not it. They have the courage to work on it. And I have to say, much of what I am becoming is because of these guys. We have seen each other grow, get into problems, fight our way out and at times become successful. I am proud that I have been with two sensible people who tolerated my idioticness, madness and not to mention at time erratic behaviour where I wanted to be told that I am correct, even if what I reasoned was no more than pure shit. Thank you guys! Life was good because of you.

And that’s not the only thing. I have been shaped and motivated in hopeless times. Those evenings we spent on the water tank taking at Nagpur airport. Watch those flights land and take off and dream that one fine day, life will bend. It has too. Deal was simple, we go through all the pain, learn to love it and survive. Then there would be nothing so painful that could stop us. Forget about owning flights and private planes. We dreamed of buying the Airport. Some dreams were crazy but we’ll chase them because to travel is better than to arrive.

We will make it Big!

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  1. Lucky you. All the best for the airport hope it happens soon.

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